Real Guide On How To Find A Bride: Read And Meet Your Destiny Today!

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However, it’s not so hard to find a woman in the 21st century when we have lots of dating services. Yes, international dating is not 100% safe, but it’s still the most effective and cheapest way to find a foreign bride. It took me something like $4,000 and 2 months to find a perfectly hot single lady from Ukraine — and I’m sure that it can work for you. Here, I’ll tell you everything about how to get a mail order bride — so continue reading and find the answers here!

Why do thousands of men use mail-bride websites?

The first fact is: finding a wife is quite easy nowadays — thanks to the mail-bride industry and the Internet. The second fact is: such websites are basically the only effective method of finding a foreign lady.

The thing is, it’s almost impossible to find a foreign bride without such services. If you’re looking for a hookup, you can use other methods, such as Tinder — but you will never find a woman who is looking for a serious and long-term relationship in Tinder. I’ve tried it myself, and I’ve had some great dates, that’s true — but the absolute majority of women on Tinder simply don’t need a husband. The same is about all the other local (not international!) dating services, and of course, the same thing happens when you’re trying to pick up a girl somewhere in Asia, Eastern Europe, or in Latin America. You’ll most likely have a good night, but is it really what you’re looking for?

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I’ve decided that I need something more serious than a hookup, that’s why I’ve chosen mail-bride websites. Tens of thousands of men from the United States choose such sites due to the same reason.

How long does it take to find mail order bride?

It took me 2 months to find a beautiful Ukrainian girl. More than 50% of men find brides within the average range of 3-6 months, so I’ve done it a little faster than normal.

This whole finding-a-bride process can be divided into three steps. Here they are:

  1. Long-distance relationship. First, you find a site, sign up, and chat with dozens of women. Then, you understand that only some of them are worth your attention and continue chatting with them. Usually, it takes 1-3 months to find a woman, to know her better, and to understand that you really need her.
  2. First dates. After the online dating stage, it’s time to meet your woman. It took me 1 week and 4 dates to understand that she is totally my type, but it may take longer for you. Usually, it’s 1-4 weeks.
  3. A “before marriage” period. I can’t say how long will it take for you to realize that you’re ready for marriage. According to my experience, if she’s your ideal woman, you will marry her in 2-4 weeks, but of course, it might take much longer for you.

So yes, everything is very simple and very fast when it comes to mail-brides — that’s one of the main differences between dating foreign ladies and American ladies. You’ll have to make sure that you’re ready for that.

Why do these ladies want to find a foreign husband?

It’s all about the economic situation and about the American men. Here, I’m going to tell you more about two reasons for foreign women to search for husbands from the United States.

According to my Ukrainian wife, the first reason is the economic situation. It’s not a Ukrainian-only problem, of course — the absolute majority of Latin American, Asian, and Eastern European countries are quite poor. That’s exactly why beautiful and well-educated ladies from these regions want to have a better life — and the United States looks like a perfect country in this regard. It doesn’t mean that they are only searching for money — the stereotype about gold diggers is offensive and outdated. It does only mean that they want to have a better life, that’s all.

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But this isn’t the only reason — because such countries as Japan and South Korea do also have a high GDP and high quality of life. For lots of mail-brides, it’s all about the American men who make much better boyfriends and husbands than men in their home countries. I don’t want to offend anyone here, but hey, I’m just going to let the statistics speak for themselves. Japan’s domestic violence cases reached an all-time high in 2019. South Koreans drink almost 14 shots of liquor per week (on average), and this fact makes South Korea the country with one of the world’s worst problems. Almost 25% of Chinese women have suffered domestic violence in their marriages. If this is happening in the richest mail-bride countries, can you imagine what’s happening in poorer countries? So, doesn’t it make sense that thousands of women want to move to the United States?

Mail order bride countries: which one to choose?

As I’ve just said, there are three most popular foreign bride regions: Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Most Asian brides come from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Most European women come from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Most Latinas come from Colombia and Brazil. Which country to choose?

The point is: all these ladies make great wives, so it depends on you which country to choose. If you prefer exotic Asian babes, you’ll have literally millions of women to choose from — East Asia for those who prefer pale skin, Southeast Asia for those who find dark-skin Asians more attractive. If you want to find a hot Latina, you should certainly try one of the Brazilian or Colombian dating sites (online dating is very popular in these countries). If you are going to find a Slavic lady, everything is simple, too — there are dozens of Ukrainian and Russian dating services, and lots of them are quite cheap (I’ve used three different sites, and all of them were good).

Online dating rules: how to fill out a dating profile

On one hand, everything is simple — because foreign ladies who use international dating sites can hardly be called cold or emotionally unavailable. On the other hand, you’ll still have to attract these ladies. Let’s talk about how to fill the profile to get more attention. I believe that these 5 simple rules will help you.

    • Buy a premium subscription. It’s not so expensive usually, but it’s necessary if you want your profile to get ranked higher.
    • Add the best photos. If you have some professional photos, it’s great, but it’s also important to upload a few selfies. You don’t need to add more than 10-15 photos.
    • Always be honest. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to dating, and international bride sites aren’t an exception.
    • Be specific. Tell the details (like, not just “I love traveling” but “I love traveling to Latin America, mostly Brazil and Argentina, and I love experiencing Latin American culture and traditions”. You’ve got the idea.
    • Tell them about the type of relationship you are looking for. Do you want to create a strong family? What body type/values/personality traits does your ideal woman have?

Top-3 international dating rules and tips

        1. Do your research. Different countries have different traditions and different cultural customs. It would be great to know more about these things before you travel to a certain country.
        2. Always use a video chat. It’s the only thing you can do to make sure that the woman you’re chatting with is real.
        3. Choose a safe and trustworthy dating website — it must be done because you surely don’t want to lose money and time chatting with bots and fake accounts.

Top-3 tips to find the best dating sites

        1. Read the reviews. In the majority of cases, the only thing you have to do is find and read the real reviews to understand if the site is worth your time or not.
        2. Check the safety certificates. It’s very simple — if the website has a valid SSL encryption certificate, you can use it. If it doesn’t have it, close the page and forget about it.
        3. Use video chat and google the photos of the ladies to make sure that they all are real. If there are lots of fake accounts on the site, it’s not a good site.

Costs and prices: an average cost of a mail order bride

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If you want to find bride, you’re probably interested in how much does it cost. Let’s see:

        • First, you’ll have to buy credits or premium membership to send and receive messages (more than 90% of mail-bride sites work this way). It will cost $100—$1,000 — the price depends on the site and on the time you’ll spend on such websites.
        • Then, you’ll have to travel to the country where your bride lives. NY-Kyiv-NY flight cost me $980, and $2,500 was enough to spend a fun week in Ukraine. If you choose another country, you might spend more or less than this sum. The average price is $2,000—$5,000.
        • Then, it’s time for marriage. The average cost of a wedding in the US is $35,000, the average cost of a wedding in Ukraine is $4,000, and the average cost of a wedding in Japan is $31,000. Different countries have different prices for similar things, so I can’t say how much will you spend. Let’s say $4,000—$40,000.

As you can see, it is no expensive, compared to the real-life dating. You can spend more on everyday dates, and looking for a bride online can even save you more money! Dare to try it, and you won’t regret.

Charles Stiedemann
Charles Stiedemann is a happily married man. He's been with his Moldovan mail order wife for over ten years now, and he couldn't be happier! Charles works as a writer, specializing in the mail order bride industry and international dating.