Charles Stiedemann

Charles Stiedemann

Charles Stiedemann is a writer and blogger. He's the author of books about international dating and the mail order bride industry, and he also has a psychology degree from Columbia University. He loves exploring why people do what they do, which led him to writing about human behavior.

Stiedemann lives in Brooklyn with his Moldova-born wife who he met through an online dating agency many years ago. They have two children together: one son and one daughter.

He enjoys giving advice to those who are looking for a perfect mail order bride. He understands the industry quite well, as he was once on the other side of the equation himself!

He met his wife, Mihaela, online in Moldova after an arduous search for the right woman. They married soon after meeting each other in person for the first time at Charles’s favorite restaurant, and consider this the best decision of their lives.

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